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Registered Massage Therapy in the Greater Sudbury Area.M

In-Clinic Appointments:

174 Douglas Street, Sudbury ON

Book online or by phone - (705) 677-8663

Mobile Massage Availability

Corporate and Group Events

Please call to book - (705) 677-8663



I graduated university with a degree in nursing more than 15 years ago. Since then I have worked in critical care nearly my entire career. Things were hectic with 3 small kids at home and my job in health care was absolutely overwhelming. I was suffocating under the constant stress and pressure. To me, massage therapy had always been that quiet hour to myself and providing that care had always been an interest simmering on the back burner.


I started my journey in massage therapy in 2020 as a way to bring a balance back to my life. I graduated from Trillium College in Sudbury in 2022 and started practicing at a sports rehab and wellness clinic soon after. In 2023, I jumped in with both feet and opened my own massage therapy clinic.

My diverse professional experiences have provided me the unique opportunity to provide massage therapy care to clients with complex medical needs, athletes, actors, and so many people like myself who are just looking for a moment to breath.

Whether you're looking for treatment of complex medical or sports related injuries, or relaxation from all the stress life brings, I can help.

Swedish Massage


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